Telemedicine provided by experienced ER medical providers serving our communities, EMS agencies and rural healthcare.

Get seen today!

Easy to use Web-Enabled Telehealth visit with experienced ER providers.


Get your prescriptions refilled fast. Our providers use electronic prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy for quick refills while visiting with our staff.

Most Insurance accepted

The Virtual ER is staffed by IMD Physicians who accept most insurance, Medicare and AHCCS.

About the

Virtual ER


Telemedicine services for individuals seeking real time provider medical evaluation, telemedicine EMS integration services and rural healthcare.

Full support staff

Professional, Experienced and Comprehensive Allied Health support staff dedicated to providing comprehensive patients services.

ER Physician Group

Staffed by experienced ER/EMS Physicians, PAs, and Nurse Practitioners who are experienced in handling all patient urgent care and ongoing healthcare needs.

community integrated telemedicine
EMS Agencies
Patients Served
$ 25

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